About Us

Mahatma Brijmohan Technicals is known for Project Engineering & Consultancy, Special & Customized Solution for Food Processing, Slaughter House, Commercial Vehicle, Trailer & Container Solution etc.

The Company started walking 16 years back and realized that it's Leadership will come through identification of Market needs, Indigenous innovation, strict Quality control, On-time delivery, Country wide distribution and quick After-sales support.

Company also decided to remain in the area of Fruits, Vegetable & Food Processing, Dehydration, Pulp, Concentration, Customized Trailers, Special Containers etc. Today Company is the Market Leader in Our Field and it makes every part in-house. Even R&D, Dies, Jigs, Processing etc are done in-house. This gives us full control over Design, Process, Quality and Delivery.

As worldwide trend is towards smaller, quicker and customized batches. We foresee bright future for Mahatma Brijmohan Technicals Over-Products.